12 March 2007

Rumour Mongering

I'm no different from any other person in the fact that I like a good old rumour. So when I logged into my Pay Per Post account, where it is possible for you to increase site traffic, today and noticed that they were actually asking me to go and create some rumours on what their "big news in the next few weeks" is I kind of jumped on the chance.

As far as I can see there is a couple of possibilities to what their "big news" is:
  1. They have realised that when my little fingers tap away on the little white keys of my keyboard it inspires so many blog readers that they have designated a special day in the Pay Per Post calendar to me and my blog!!!
  2. There payment scheme is changing for the better, making a bloggers life so much nicer and therefore having a great impact on the blogging world. Well those that use Pay Per Post anyway.
  3. Pay Per Post is planning to register their interest in my plans for a Gap Year and make me an ambassador for their site as I travel with my kayak spreading the good word.
Alternatively, you can click your way over to Pay Per Post and find out what their "big news" really is.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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