07 March 2007

Boys and their toys...

I've already blogged once about a similar topic, but that time it was how I started to get slightly addicted to image manipulation using Ulead PhotoImpact, a piece of software similar to PhotoShop.

This time however I must admit that I have a problem, a problem with video editing. One of my paddling companions, pictured above in the yellow Liquid Logic Vision, sent me a link after I moaned about my fruitless hours spent on the Internet searching unsuccessfully for a free video converter to convert my numerous .mov files to a format, which is compatible with Windows Movie Maker. The link they sent me took me across to this lovely little website and after a couple of minutes I had a fully working free video converter on my computer and the first .mov file was being converted to .avi. Good stuff!!!

Now with the video conversion side of things sorted I can spend countless hours in Windows Movie Maker making countless mini-movies from the clips I have collected over the years. So far I have created two films. One is entitled Eskimo Topolino Duo: In Action, which is pretty self explanatory and the other is a 'documentary' of the Etive featuring my good self. This is entitled The River Etive: A Scottish Odyssey, and is most certainly tongue-in-cheek.

Most of my image manipulations and video creations will appear here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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