01 March 2007

I've been lumbered...

I went to the pub last night, and ended up coming away with the huge responsibility of organising a whole beginners course for the canoe club. Not that big a problem, except the first session is tomorrow evening in the pool and a creche has to be booked, hand-outs printed and a talk arranged couple this with a mad hunt for instructors and what you are left with is a boiling pot of anxiety. Add a dash of college work to the mixture and your just left with a bit of a stressfull situation. No need to worry, a quick look through some photo's of some rather nice white water relieves the tension and dreams of the next river trip will get me through it all.

The picture in question came about after Sunday's paddlings adventures. The camera was set to sequential shooting, the shot was underexposed by 1 (according to the guages) and I set the light intensity to 'sunny'. Once home the photo editing process began on Ulead Photoimpact.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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