20 February 2007

Boys and there toys...

Last week, after selling my Eskimo Kendo, I mentioned what I was doing with the money and since then I haven't really mentioned what has happened to it. Well on Wednesday the Olympus MJU 725 SW arrived through the door as I was sitting my driving theory test (I passed) and ever since then I've been playing around with it. I have been limited however as I had no memory card for the camera so I've been running it using the internal memory, which was pretty lacking. With the limited memory supply I have only got some snaps of random objects that are of no real importance or interest and have just ended up being deleted. However, after yesterday's morning post I've got a rather large 1GB XD card which allows me to get a large quantity of photos.

I have also been playing with a Photoshop like piece of software just for a bit of fun and the results have been quite interesting.

A sequential image of one of my paddling chums running the drop after the Brickchute Weir on the Leven.

A black and white image with a paddler, in colour, laid over the top. Quite effective me thinks. The paddler in question is on the GB Junior Ladies Freestyle team.

One of my all time favourites. By making the background black and white and the paddlers colour a certain ambiance is added to the picture.

All of the above 'Photoshopped' images were created from photo's taken on my mum's Olympus C-460 Zoom camera. The below images were taken on my Olympus MJU 725 SW camera.

A bit of 'Photoshopping' madness - there are six of me all in one room at the same time.

In the post I mentioned about selling my Kendo I also mentioned about buying a new boat and that has been sorted as well. Today the order was finalised, and deposits made at UK Canoes for a 2007 spec. Jackson Rocker in blue. I won't be getting my hands on this boat just yet as it is still sitting in a container over the pond waiting to be shipped on Friday. However, if all goes to plan, it will be with me the weekend before I leave for some classic Scottish boating on the 14th April.

More 'Photoshopped' images can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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Nice Slippers! ;)