05 February 2007

A glimpse of hope

Me on the tidal reaches of the Ribble, not the section in contention, but just a nice picture to illustrate the post.

As I promised yesterday, here is the response we received from the Water Bailiff, who's son would have been in the Eskimo Topolino Duo with me, after we had to call the Ribble trip off.

"... a small number of boats can move quickly through a swim without disturbing anyone. The people who get up my nose are the ones who intentionally try to queer your fishing (but I know some anglers who do just the same!) - but its best to say nothing and let them get on with it.

I have an interesting story involving a couple of lads (with all the gear) in kayaks - I was fishing under the aqueduct below Edisford (just above the weir) when a couple of kayaks came through on a decent flow of water. The two lads tried to avoid me by passing under the far arch but the tail kayak missed and ended up wedged sideways on the concrete pillar. In struggling to free himself he turned upside down and floated right past me (within a foot or so) upside down with much splashing. His mate disappeared at speed downstream and sat at the side of the weir in the distance while this poor unfortunate dragged himself out on the far bank to empty things out - expecting (by the look on his face) harsh words. However I engaged him in conversation and while speaking to him managed to catch a fish from where he had floated only a few minutes ago. Even better as he made a cheery departure, knowing he hadn't spoiled the fishing and having sat and chatted a while, I shouted back at him because I had just caught another fish, a large trout, from where he had been sat emptying his boat out. Moral being kayaks don't disturb fish.

Another secret - when salmon fishing (or trout fishing) if it goes dead one of the best ways to get things going is to put a dog in (the reason for this is that if a fish is under stress then its more likely to take a fly - it gets angry - that's why the canoeist improved the fishing)!"

You would probably have to agree that this is rather interesting as one of the most common arguments from the Angling community is that we destroy the fishing opportunities once we have passed through. This Water Bailiff seems to believe in the opposite; the access situation on all our rivers may improve slightly if all Anglers would be so accommodating, and the same goes for paddlers.

Signed the petition? If not click your way over there right now.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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