01 February 2007

It's been Hectic

For those astute fellows out there who check on the blog on a fairly regular basis you may have noticed that there has been a distinct lack of pre/post paddling updates. Yes, sure there has been the standard post after a day's paddling, however, there hasn't been the banter in between these events. This is down to a number of reason, and all of these come down to one simple thing. The past three weeks has consisted of a series of events, which do not always occur in my life, meaning that it has felt like I have been constantly rushed and out of control.

I'll start three weeks back and hopefully by putting down, in this post, what's been going on I may be able to clear my mind somewhat, basically the essence of what blogging is all about.

Week Beginning 14th January
Monday morning the car broke down on my dad whilst he was on his way to work. This, when you don't look to deeply into it is not such a big deal. It is, however, if the car is less than half-a-decade old and is stuck in a garage for three days meaning you are left with a crappy Corsa, which is a pig to be a passenger in. It was amazing how this event, even though at no point was I really that effected by our (un)trusty 1.9 diesel Astra Estate being in a garage, throws you off your stride.

Week beginning 21st January
I started the bulk of the manufacturing needed for my climbing sequence trainer, the big idea that will make me lots and lots of money. I can only hope that once the project has been completed, and I've got my grade A for 3D Design, a nice climbing wall manufacturer will buy the idea, develop it further, make lots of money out of it and give me a cut of the profits to spend on my gap year and get nice shiny kayaking equipment. With me starting the manufacture I am now constantly worrying about things in the design that can go wrong, materials that won't turn up in time, or the worrying costs that are already escalating after two-and-a-bit weeks in the workshop.

The back of one of the panels, which will make up the climbing sequence trainer. On average it has taken me two-and-a-half hours to complete one whole panel. It hinges and takes up to 30 climbing holds. I've done three panels now. Go me!!!

Week beginning 28th January
Monday morning came and I got up at my usual time to get out on my bike to do the paper round. When I got to the shop the papers hadn't arrived, and still twenty minutes later they had not arrived. When they eventually arrived, I had to get out on my bike and get them delivered. This meant that when I returned home it was a bit hectic getting ready for college and out of the house for eight. This set me up for a whole day in the totally wrong mood leaving me completely standing on the back foot.

The next day came, and once again the day got off to a bad start. This time the papers were on time, however just as I was coming to deliver the last four papers my chain jammed on my bike and when I stopped to sort the problem out, I did more than free it, I freed it that much that it snapped and came off in my hand. Great, I had to walk to deliver the last couple of papers, but even worse than that I had no working bike for the next day. I cut my losses, and when I got home that night I popped out to the local bike store and purchased a bike in the sale ready for the next day's deliveries. The last couple of days I've been out on that delivering the papers and it's much better, in fact I've just finished setting up the lights and on board computer this evening before I came online to tap this out.

The new bike in all its shinning joy (taken from the Raleigh site).

This week I have also started on getting the long list of kayaking courses/assessments reduced by actually organising myself and getting some stuff booked. So far I have got a White Water Safety and Rescue sorted out with Tom Parker, of Tom Parker Coaching and Guiding fame and I have been that well organised I've actually managed to organise a group from the canoe club to attend the course with me. That leaves me with ten more courses to attend before I am content with my qualifications for now.

Plans for the coming weekend look pretty limited with me assessing some one star candidates on Coniston Water on Saturday and Sunday, still being limited in paddling options, is definitely going to be interesting. I'll be taking the Eskimo Topolino Duo out again this time on the Ribble. My front seat passenger is to be a River Ribble Water Bailiff's son. This day has been set up in the hope of building bridges between Anglers and Canoeists after some rather nasty experiences on the Ribble with Anglers objecting to us being on the river.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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