13 February 2007

Follow up to 'It's gone'

Yesterday, when I said there were three options available to me in regard to the money I made on the sale of my boat I was wrong. There is in fact four options:
  • Leave it in the bank to gather interest.
  • Buy another boat...
  • Buy my own digital camera...
  • Buy another boat (Jackson Rocker) and a digital camera (Olympus MJU 725 SW).
Today after many hmmms and arrrs, and after a bit of financial analysis - if I spend x amount of pounds, as well as y amount of pounds and then another z pounds, I'm still in the black - I have decided to take the fourth option. So today the order was placed on bestcameras.co.uk where currently there is a tasty offer on the Olympus camera and then this was followed up with some XD memory shopping on mx2.com. Hopefully in a couple of days I'll have both items and be snapping some rather lovely shots. The order for the Jackson Rocker will be going in soon, maybe Saturday, if we head to Lancaster and the friendly people of UK Canoes.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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