12 February 2007

It's gone

You may remember that a while back I was advertising that my Eskimo Kendo was for sale. Well today I eventually managed to shift it. After putting it under the hammer twice on eBay with out much success I turned to the members of the local club. Luckily a beginner's course had just finished and one of the participants was looking for a boat. Que my sales pitch and hey presto, a couple of days later, I had parted company with my trusty Eskimo Kendo, but increased my bank balance considerably.

The Kendo on the car ready to be taken to its new home.

The Kendo has served me well. It has got me from being a lowly beginner with little experience to a competent paddler that can tackle a nice grade 3/4 river whilst keeping an eye on other members of the group. However, what should I do with the money, I have three options:
  • Leave it in the bank to gather interest.
  • Buy another boat. The Jackson Rocker has taken my fancy.
  • Buy my own digital camera so I don't have to borrow my mum's every time. The Olympus MJU 725 SW has taken my fancy.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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