04 April 2007

For the last couple of months...

At college I have been busying myself in the 3D Design workshops welding, cutting and drilling copious amounts of steel tube for my final piece of coursework in the aforementioned subject. This piece of coursework felt, at times, like it really was going to break me with constant stress caused by design faults, delivery dates of materials and sourcing of money to pay for it all (thank god for EMA). However, yesterday all those hours spent locked away in the grubby workshop came good as I started the last big task; drilling holes in my bedroom wall so that construction could begin. At times, this in itself created more stress and worry than the last couple of months at college, but after seven hours of just me, a drill, a spanner and a socket set all accompanied by Phantom Planet, Antony and the Johnsons, The Zutons and The Eels the wall was up.

Me balanced up a ladder adding a horizontal limb to the structure. The part, which holds this to the wall broke on me, but with some rejigging I was able to get through this and finish the wall without the piece. Do not worry, the piece will be fixed soon and added for extra strength.

Nearly there. Putting up the last couple of pieces to take the third and final panel.

The wall, up and ready for use; I just need the climbing holds I ordered from Entre-Prise the other week and I can claim the first ascent.

One final thing before I click that little orange 'Publish' button in the bottom left; I ordered one of the t-shirts shown below. The money made from each sale will go to the WCA Access Campaign so if you want to support it and look rather dapper in the process go order yourself a T by clicking this rather nice link.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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