29 April 2007

Teva Sunkosi Water Shoes

Having finally got my hands on Roger the Rocker yesterday I decided that today was the ideal day for taking on board what Tom Parker had said on the White Water Safety and Rescue course about footwear. This means that I now have some very dapper looking Teva's heading my way from the rather nice people at Wiggle. This online shopping site was a gem of a find and was all down to Froggle UK. Froogle found me the cheapest deals and I selected the one I liked the best - £67.49 for some water shoes normally retailing at £75. During checkout I was asked for an e-Voucher number to get £5 off the special offer price. I didn't have one, but another good Goggle search produced the goods and after filling in this form I had a code to get the further reduction. I'm rather pleased with myself now that I have some Teva's for £12.51 less than I should and postage was free. I may just have to have a little jig I am that happy about the whole thing.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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