28 April 2007

We will call it Roger

Yes, it's true, my Jackson Rocker eventually turned up today. Well actually it has been in the country since Monday and at UK Canoes since Wednesday, but I only just got around to collecting the boat and paying off the final balance. It's been a long time coming and much aggravation has been caused because of it (see post here), but I can say that it has definitely been worth the wait.

The boat, at home, in it's giant stocking, ready for a big outfitting session.

The Jackson Rocker.

Me stood with the boat before starting the outfitting session. It was weird to actually have a boat that towered above me when I've been use to my All Star that is the same height as me.

After fitting the boat out I was a bit hot because of the fact that I had my normal boating kit on indoors on a fairly warm spring day.

The boat should be on the water tomorrow as I am attending a Coaching Standardisation course at Calder Canoe Centre, which I have organised for the local canoe club.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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