23 January 2009

Ascending rather than descending

What with being back at university and it being a Friday we were forced to head away from the classroom and do practical things. For the group I am a part of this meant climbing and to be honest I wasn't in a climbing mood as it was cold, damp and rather overcast. Ultimately this meant the rock was soaking wet, but the day was beneficial all the same.

Faffing around with some gear practicing placements.

We ended up at Scratchmere and at times the sun shone through the trees warming the place up and drying some of the rock out. We top-roped a couple of climbs each ranging from Diff. to E2, but also looked at rigging systems and placing gear for leading and such like.

Watching some climbing action on a moist hunk of rock.

A couple of us also did some jamming up a rope, which ran besides the E2, meaning we could get some close up pictures of the ascents. These didn't come out too well as the static rope was rigged on the side which gave a lovely view of the climbers arse instead of their face; it's something I'll work on in the hope of getting some good results.

From the static rope.

The weather started to turn around 2pm so we headed back to campus and messed around on the climbing wall for an hour or so before packing up and heading for home.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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