18 January 2009


Looking east to the Lake District.

I mentioned yesterday about what today entailed; a 4 Star Leader refresher with Wild River's Sean McGrath. This was held on the Eden from Lazonby down to Armathwaite Bridge and encorporated a run of, the much talked about, Armathwaite Weir. I have only paddled this section of river once some years ago and it brought back happy memories. What was even more spooky was the fact that the water level seemed almost identical. That could have been down to two things; one, being that it actually was the same level or two, being that my memory is too hazy to make a more accurate analysis and thus concluded that it was the same level. Either way it was a good day on the water and was beneficial for my paddling development.

Back to the lecture suite tomorrow just as another weather front is hitting the Lake District, but there could be some boating in the pipeline for the end of the week. Also, sorry for the lack of quality pictures over the last few days; my camera is playing up. I think the battery could be a bit knackered. I hope that is the case anyway.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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