26 January 2009

"When words become unclear,

"I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."
On average, I drive from Carlisle to Penrith, four times a week and on most clear mornings I am rewarded, near the end of the drive, with some lovely views over the flat lands of northern Cumbria and the back of Blencathra. I always purposefully slow down to have a gander over at the mountain, which marks the northern border of the national park, always to think that it would make a good picture. On the times I have remembered my camera the view has been ruined by low cloud, however today everything came together and I was able to catch the snow covered fell.

A morning haze lies over the flat lands, with a snow-capped Blencathra in the background.

During one of my free periods at university I popped into Penrith to have a chat with a paddling chum and get some copies of the pictures taken on Wasdale Beck and the River Sprint during Thursday's mission.

On the opening stretches of the beck.

Just after one of the more interesting sections of river, about to drop under a footbridge.

Cutting across the flow to hit the exit of Sprint Mill Falls.

Then when I got home, in my inbox lay some pictures snapped of Jemma and me on yesterday's duo mission down the Greta.

Looking for a break out under the A66.

Pictures of Wasdale Back and the Sprint are courtesy of Tim Blundell and the picture of the Greta is courtesy of Allan Hacking.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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