07 February 2009

Some afternoon jaunts

It's gone all quite on the university front now as timetables have changed considerably meaning that I am only on campus for two-and-a-half day's: I now have a four day weekend. This means that I am not only super productive in getting assignments done well before they're due, but also have loads of free time to get out climbing, kayaking and walking. However, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Lakes are locked down in one almighty freeze meaning the rivers are empty and the hills require the use of spiky, sharp things to ensure some degree of safety.

I did manage yesterday, after being locked up inside for a whole two days tapping out a couple of assignments, to get out for a couple of hours with my boat in the afternoon. I walked from my house, across Carlisle, through the city centre, to the River Eden. There is a small grade 1/2 ripple behind the leisure centre and it kept me entertained for an hour or so.

Then today, after deciding that university work was not going to be on the cards, I headed to Scratchmere Scar for an afternoon jaunt. Of late my enthusiasm for climbing has come back in leaps and bounds: the past fortnight has seen me searching for bargains on the Internet and spending pounds on nice shiny pieces of metal work. This has now left me with somewhat of a reasonable rack and allowed me to lead a handful of diffs. and v. diffs. this afternoon.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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