23 April 2009

A hectic couple of days

It's almost been a week since I lasted posted but to be honest it feels like it was only yesterday as I've been so busy. I worked some ridiculous amount of hours at Go Ape on Saturday and Sunday, but the money is so nice you just can't afford to turn it down, and then Monday didn't let up either. Ok, it was quite easy considering a lecture was cancelled, but still I wasn't home till gone seven because of the need to visit the climbing wall.

Tuesday saw me back at Armathwaite as there was a three hour break before the day's final lecture. I didn't have such a good session; only repeating a problem I've done countless times and not even getting up a problem I managed to send on my previous visit. The afternoon also saw me back in the climbing wall helping out with a birthday party.

Then Wednesday came. I had one solitary lecture before I headed to the climbing wall again to help prepare it for the upcoming BRYCS regional final by setting a handful of boulder problems. I took a break in the afternoon, which involved popping over to Keswick to spend some of my student loan and getting up a route in Borrowdale, before getting back to the wall at 7:30 to set another route before heading for Carlisle at 9:30.

About to start out on the second pitch of Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag (S).

Looking across to Derwent Water from Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag (S).

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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