17 April 2009

Another afternoon gone...

I'm back at work tomorrow, but only for two days; the last half of the second semester begins on Monday with a nice dose of theory on fitness for the outdoors before following it up with some practical stuff in the gym.

There was no better way to spend my last free afternoon for a considerable time - in fact I've got a free afternoon on Wednesday - than with a spot of bouldering at Armathwaite's Sandy Bay. This was my third visit to what is the local Carlisle crag, and my second this week. I managed to work out the sequence for the V3 problem just left of The Exorcist (E4 5c), which I didn't complete on my
last visit with the Woomf and also made head way in sending the V4 problem at the far left of the bay.

Dropping to the ground after warming up on the problem running up the start of the Exorcist (V2).

Coming off at the crux to the V3 problem.

Latching the big jug after the V3's crux.

Attempting the reachy V4 with little success.

Working out the sequence for the crux on the far left problem (V4).

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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