15 April 2009

Wasting an afternoon

Stood besides the River Gelt, with the boulder behind.

Ok, you can't really call it wasting an afternoon; it was rather productive. Honest. I suppose some busy-body types may see climbing as a waste of time. However, I don't.

I spent my afternoon over near Brampton, on the banks of the River Gelt, at the boulder, which shares the same name as the river. The boulder is about six-metres high, made of a fine-grained Quartzite and the climbs are steep, sometimes overhanging, with only small tendon-busting holds. The boulder also has something of an international reputation when it erroneously appeared in a climbing guidebook to Europe some years back.

Mean while the guidebook by Stew Wilson, which has long been out of publication, doesn't say much about the boulder, apart from what I've tapped out above. It does give some pointers to the worthwhile lines on what I think is a gem of a boulder. These are pictures below.

Reaching for a side pull on the Upstream Face Arete (5c).

Focusing on my footwork whilst ascending the Main Face Arete (5c+).

Topping out on the wall just right of Main Face Arete (5b/c).

Grasping the jug on the Main Face Wall (5a/b).

Finishing off Main Face Crack (4c).

Leaving the boulder after a productive tendon and forearm work out.

More pictures can be seen here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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