23 September 2006

Early Morning Blues

I'm sat at the computer, listening to my media player on 'Play Shuffled' after getting back from my papers, bored so I just started tapping out some musings for my blog to pass the time.

There hasn't been much paddling recently for me. Other people have been - what with Scotland seeing some pretty nice levels this week and the Wet West Weekend two weekends ago - but I've not been getting out on the fluffy white stuff. I've been plagued with excessive work loads at college, university open days and other things which prevent paddling.

I was in the pool last night as the head coach of the local canoe club's beginners session. This was the second session of three and many of the pupils seems to be coming on nicely - who knows they may be bagging some nice rivers this winter when they start heading away from the pool to some proper water. I hope to get some personal first descents in myself this year on some Lake District classics. I'm bored of running the same things, I want to push my paddling and explore new lines.

Anything else happening? I got my passport yesterday from the nice people at the Foreign Office or wherever it comes from. This takes me ever closer to finalising my year out plans for France. I've just got to get my Level 2 Assessment done (28th October) and pass my driving test (my first lesson is on Monday - so I wouldn't go out on the roads of Leyland around elevenish if you pride yourself on your car's prestine body work). I could also do with a job, apart from my paper rounds, so I can get a reference on my application form for my year out; I need three.

Well I better go. I've got a canal to go and paddle. Fun!!! This is one of the two outdoor sessions I am running for the course that is going on at the pool on a Friday night. I think I've got six students today and then eleven more on the 7th October. So I can at least get what I am doing sorted with a smaller group then just repeat it all again on the 7th with the bigger group.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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