25 September 2006


I started out today on the long road to independence.

I suppose the previous statement could be seen to work on many levels as I had my first driving lesson today, thus enforcing the fact that I am on the road and driving. With me starting to learn to drive this also means I will have a lot more independence to get myself to the top of rivers without the assistance of parents or paddling chums once I've passed. Therefore I am on the long, because I have a lot more driving lessons to come before I am ready for my test, road to independence, as I will be able to drive myself to rivers once I've passed my test.

Once I can drive I'll be on the look out for the ultimate paddling wagon to get me around the country and I think many people will agree with me here when I say it has to be a VW Transporter. With the Transporter I can get myself up to Scotland, Wales or Devon for weekend paddling missions with my boat inside and a ready made place to sleep, in the back with my boat. I can then get myself to the AJ Weekend or the Liquid Life Festival maybe even Si Westgarth's Gene 17 Adventure Paddler's weekend at the Royal Dart Country Park, that would be nice.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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