19 September 2006

A Mountain of Forms

I was just about to turn the internet off, then I thought I would put something together for the site. I've just finished a mammoth form filling in session, which has run from 5pm till now. The forms have ranged from big to even bigger and there has only been three. One has been my UCAS application for University, which has required emails to several people to check on details, another was my application to PGL for my year out and the third, my application to Acorn Adventure, also for my year out. Well, the last one was just an email to Acorn with my details and they'll get back to me to fill out another form!!!

Planned return to the wet stuff: Friday at the swimming pool for the second of three beginners sessions I'm organising and Saturday at the canal for the first outdoor session for the people that are attending the courses at the pool.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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