27 September 2006

The last Twelve Hours

At 8:10pm I put the following message on the UK River Guidebook and Canoe Cafe forums.

I am in my second year at college and am studying A Level Business Studies. Through out this year I have to carry out a feasability study for my coursework; I have chosen to look at setting up a Canoe Guiding Company. As part of this coursework you have to carry out realistic market research using specifically a questionnaire. I have put a questionnaire together using FormSite.com and would very much appreciate it if you could spend a couple of minutes filling it in.

The questionnaire can be found here.

Thanks in advance,
Just twelve hours later and I am sure that I have had the biggest information overload on record. So far my email account has recieved forty-one responses and this has meant I have had to record each questionnaire's results in an Excel spreadsheet and then clear the results from Form Site as I only have storage capacity for ten complete questionnaires without having to pay. I suppose this healthy response is a good thing as the market research in my feasability study will be very realistic, which gives me a true representation of the market and therefore a valid conclusion can be drawn from all this information.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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rockratrobinson said...

I have now reached my monthly submission capacity, which basically means Form Site will accept no more questionnaires until I part with some money, which I won't be doing. This has meant that I have removed the questionnaire so no one ends up wasting their time filling in a questionnaire I will not be able to use. So the link on the word 'here' in the sentence, 'The questionnaire can be found here,' does not work any more.