16 September 2006

An update for updates sake

Well, not alot has happened around here for a while. I went back to college on Monday and the work has been coming through thick and fast from my lecturers. So that's nice of them!!! My paddling life has stalled at the moment what with no water when I can go paddling and water when I can't. There are no plans for this weekend to get out on the moist stuff though I wish there was because I'm missing the water.

Last night I logged a couple more coaching hours for my Level 2 with an hour pool session for the canoe club's beginners course. I was actually in charge of this beginners course (I have the power) for the canoe club so I also had to give a bit of a talk before getting them all sorted with boats, paddles and spray decks. It wasn't the best talk, well I don't really do good talks, but it wasn't helped by having to do it in the corner of a bar instead of the actual room we had booked. Anyway the show went on and I managed. The coaching hours I logged last night took me closer to thirty hours of logged experience, which is nice as you only actually need twenty, but the more the better I say. I've got my Level 2 Assessment coming up in six weeks so that's something to look forward to.

On a parting note I'll leave you with this, which dropped into my college email account's inbox yesterday. A photo of me, taken last year in July, with the Deputy Principle of my college after recieving my student of the year award for 3D Design. It's quite a good achievment considering that this subject requires forty pages of coursework all on A3 Paper and I was out paddling most weekends so I didn't have that much time to get it done.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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