30 November 2008

It's all gone a bit arctic

Shap International Kayak Film Festival came and went last night. There was a splendid line up of films including Olaf Obsommer's film on the Stikine; Max Bilbow's new film, premiered in Leeds on Friday night, Means of Production; as well as the latest offering by the Fat Cats, 60˚ North, introduced by Ali Marshal himself. There were also a few announcements about the positive steps being made with the EA regarding the release of river level beta for paddlers and fisherfolk alike, as well as the opening of the Rainchasers short film competition. There could be some ideas knocking around the old noggin already.

With a cold night's sleep in the back of the van and a rather loose plan for paddling today I soon found myself back home in Carlisle thawing out after a top-notch night, where I was able to catch up with everyone I've been out paddling with since I moved to Carlisle back in September. It seems that the Lakes has dried up and frozen over giving no chance of any boating action in the coming days or even weeks if Metcheck is anything to go by.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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