07 November 2008

View from my Laptop...

Looking out over the playing fields bordering the River Petteril and in the background the North Pennines.

I have, for a few weeks now, been meaning to put this picture on line. It is only recently, because of reading week at University, which has meant that I've spent a fair amount of time in front of my laptop that I have felt compelled to do it now. I feel that I am blessed with the fact that when I look up and to the right from my laptop screen I am greeted with the view in this picture. I know it's not much in comparison to the view's we had from Helvellyn the other day, but it's not bad considering that I have a CA1 postcode meaning I am classed as living in the inner city of Carlisle.

The other day I received my copy of Ron Cameron's biography of the Scottish legend that is Andy Jackson and have already finished it. It is probably with out a doubt one of the best books I've read in a long time and must recommend it for paddlers, and non-paddlers alike. If your only going to pick one book up for winter; make it this one.

Even more recently I've received news that I have made it through to the selection weekend for the British University Kayak Expedition. That's in a couple of weeks down in Wales, which means I'll eventually be able to experience some real Welsh boating instead of just the Tryweryn conveyor belt. I'm off now to do some research into the Carpathian Mountain range in Eastern Europe.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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