16 June 2009

Declaring war...

On the Great British midge: twice now I have been ravaged by these blighters whilst out climbing. It happened last Wednesday when getting on Woden's Face early in the morning and it happened today when I headed out of the county for an evening climb.

Looking across Peel Crag to Crag Lough with Hadrian's Wall running along the top.

I ventured off into Northumberland for my evening climb, which to be honest is no further than the Lake District, with my chosen destination being Peel Crag. Peel Crag is absolutely rammed with routes around the grade I climb so I was left with the free reign of the crag. However, I only managed to tick off three routes before I lost my nerve with the blocks of dolerite and scampered for home.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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