02 June 2009

A disappointing day

Looking along Farleton Crag.

Today was my first day off since Thursday meaning it was the first time since that day's superb evening climbing session that I could put on my climbing shoes and rack up at the bottom of a rock face; I've been finishing work remarkably late. It was just a shame that the enjoyment I found in tackling the limestone of Cumrew Crag couldn't have been mirrored today at the limestone of Farleton Crag. I had an absolutely shocking time, which resulted in only one route being successfully completed.

I suppose you've got to move on and just hope that the next climbing session will be better. I am hoping to get out on Thursday evening after a day at Matfen Hall if the time and weather allow and then again on Friday before work comes back around at the weekend.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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