13 June 2009


Abseiling from the top of Castle Rock.

For the past two day's I've managed to keep up with the theme of climbing every day this week. Ok I guess the past two days have been different though as I've been on an SPA training course with Gnash Baxter of Keswick Mountain Adventures and Keswick Climbing Wall. We were blessed with splendid weather both days, which meant we got a climb in at Brown Slabs at Shepherds Crag before heading to the upper crag to look at rope work. Then today we spent our time at the top of Castle Rock rigging more ropes together and running through problems that could arise during a session with a group.

Off to work tomorrow, and then another week of freedom, which will hopefully mean more climbing, before heading for the Alps on Saturday morning for a spot of paddling.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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