10 June 2009

211 miles later...

I've been off all week and have tried to fill my time with as much climbing as possible. On Monday I got a couple of hours in at the local wall in Carlisle and then yesterday I headed outdoors with pads in tow for a spot of bouldering in the Langdales. It seems like all the time spent at the local wall is prooving useful as I felt stronger than I have ever felt before when out climbing and managed to tick off a number of problems.

The Langdale Boulders with the Pikes behind.

After my highly productive bouldering session I carried on journeying south so that I could take delivery of the carry harness system, which was prototyped on this trip, and ordered some time ago.

The harness in use.

I eventually turned north and my voyage home took me along the shores of Ullswater. It was beautiful as the late evening sun started to go down meaning the mountains appeared to radiate light.

Looking up Ullswater.

Today, keeping with tradition, I managed another day of climbing though I had to work for it. I left the house this morning sometime before six and was getting my first route in on Woden's Face an hour later. I had another productive four hour session before heading back to Carlisle to recoup for what could be another day of climbing tomorrow.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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