25 August 2009

Photo dump: An afternoon of mishaps

It's been a while since I've put more than one picture in a post so I've decided to dump a few shots, that have been snapped over the past few weeks, into this post before writing about this afternoon's antics.

The sunflower in our back garden that we have been augmenting over the past few month.

Looking up the second zip wire at work.

Today's day off coincided with a spell of beautiful weather, which meant I could get out climbing; like always I was without partner so I couldn't don a rope and head for a mountain crag, but instead I decided to head to St. Bees North Head. However, when making the dodgy descent down to the boulders I could see that tidal conditions weren't going to allow me the pleasure of this wonderful bouldering venue.

West Cumbrian farmers busy at work, in the fields, harvesting the wheat.

I quickly rehashed my plans and headed across the fields to Fleswick Bay, which is just along the coast from St Bees North Head, and more importantly not affected by the tide. By the time I had got down to the soft sandstone I was starting to lose motivation, but after playing around with my camera for ten minutes or so I slipped into my boots and started working some problems.

Looking south along the sandstone cliffs, which separates Cumbria from the Irish Sea.

A passer-by playing in Fleswick Bay's surf.

Fleswick Bay's ever changing shingle beach.

I ticked off a few problems that were in my normal grade range, but I still was not feeling it, so after a while I gave up and started to head back to the van to refuel before heading off in-land to the Borrowdale Valley.

Slapping for the slopper on Self Timer (V5), Fleswick Bay.

I had planned to make the most of my two days off by not returning to Carlisle this evening. I was going to boulder on the coast today and then go for a walk in the evening. I was then going to pitch my tent up somewhere so that I could continue walking tomorrow without the commute from Carlisle, thus saving money, time and fuel.

Looking across to Blencathra and Skiddaw from the western flanks of Glaramara.

However, the drop in motivation that appeared at Fleswick Bay seemed to make another appearance around 6:30pm when I was starting to approach the base of Hind Crag so I turned tail and headed back for the van, which was parked up at Seathwaite, before heading for home. On reflection I should have just forced myself onwards because as I tap out this post and look out of the window the night looks wonderful and it would have been absolutely delightful to spend the night under canvas around the summit of Glaramara.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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