31 August 2009

Notes from an Exhibition

Nothing really to report. I've been busy working since my last post, which has meant that I have been unable to head for the hills or the rivers of Cumbria. For the past few days it has bucketed it down so hopefully when Wednesday comes around the rivers should be up and paddling should be a possibility.

However, today at work I stumbled across this book, in a bag, at the base of one of the trees besides our cabin. The bag said "Free Book" so I picked it up and checked it out. It was a book, which had been dumped as part of the Book Crossing movement, that I'll now read and dump in some other location.

The Book Crossing movement is a pretty cool thing. Basically you leave a book in a public place for it to be claimed and read by a complete stranger. This stranger then does the same and by logging onto the website you can see where the book has been and who it has been read by. It's kind of a recycling scheme for books which, I suppose, is good karma for you as you brighten up a strangers life when they stumble across a free book.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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