08 March 2010

Some walking for a change...

It's been a while since I've just been walking in the fells of the Lake District, but today that is what I did. In some instances I would not have chosen to do this; I would have much preferred to be out climbing on the rock especially as we've had four days of absolutely awesome weather meaning that most of the crags in Cumbria are in perfect nick. However, the day's activities were governed by the University as it was the penultimate day of our Practical Outdoor Activities module.

Navigating in what could be classed as the best conditions for such a task.

Our walk started out at the southern end of Haweswater and quickly made an ascent to Blea Water before getting onto the ridge, which makes the western coire wall, and takes you to the summit of High Street. There was still plenty of snow around and there were formidable cornices forming on the back wall of Blea Water, however axes and crampons were not really needed.

A frozen Blea Water.

Once on High Street, which wasn't as busy as some metropolitan high streets, but still there were enough people to spoil the solitude, we admired the views over what must have been 90% of the Lake District and we were able to name over 50% of those peaks.

Looking across to the Langdale Pikes and Coniston Old Man.

From here we continued on our walk through the frozen neve to Mardale Ill Bell and down to the Nan Bield Pass. Some of the group left us here, but the majority carried on up over Harter Fell where a descent of the Gatescarth Pass could be made back down to Haweswater.

Heading up Harter Fell.

Looking at the weather forecasts this spell of exceptionally good weather is looking like it will hold for a few more days and as it happens all of tomorrow's lectures are cancelled meaning I'm off to Sergeant Crag Slab's to see about onsighting an E2.

More pictures of the day can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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