27 August 2010


The full moon illuminating a cloud splattered sky on Wednesday evening.

Elizabeth Maua Taylor once said about August:
August rushes by like desert rainfall;
A flood of frenzied upheaval,
But still catching me unprepared.
Like a matchflame,
Bursting on the scene,
Heat and haze of crimson sunsets.
Like a dream
Of moon and dark barely recalled,
A moment,
Shadows caught in a blink.
Like a quick kiss;
One wishes for more
But it suddenly turns to leave,
Dragging summer away.
To be fair she isn't far off the mark either. August has been, without a doubt my favourite month this year; on many occasions the light, cast by the evening sun, has illuminated the Lakeland Fells in such a way that makes words redundant when describing nature's sheer beauty. This is not the only reason for August being the best month of the year however. It has been a busy month because of work and such like, but even during this I have managed to log a fair few climbs and boulder problems and many of these have been in an evening, after work, just as the sun starts to illuminate the fells and fall below the horizon.

The evening sun casts a glow over the Watendlath Valley this evening after work.

This does mean that climbing sessions are short lived and usually involve repeat ascents of familiar routes or problems, but that is of little importance to be honest. The climbing is more a means of enjoying the evening light and passing the time in ways which are enriching for the soul and mind. Tonight, and Wednesday for that matter, are prime examples of this. On Wednesday I popped down to Shepherds Crag for an hour and had a session, which mirrored the last evening session at Shepherds Crag, and then this evening saw us take in two routes at Reecastle Crag, which I have climbed previously.

Does that really matter? No it doesn't.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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