17 August 2010

Some more juggling...

Skiddaw, poking out of the cloud, from the viewpoint on Whinlatter Pass.

My previous two days have been very like my previous post about juggling driving, sleeping, eating and working. However, the weather has at times been much more favourable. I drove into work on Monday under perfectly clear blue skies, but on reaching the flanks of Skiddaw a thick blanket of fog covered the road and surrounding fields. I was soon above this as I ascended Whinlatter Pass and this allowed for views of a beautiful cloud inversion.

A lone paraglider high above Keswick on a beautiful evening.

The weather stayed the same throughout the day and it seemed rude not to make use of this. So after finishing work, just before 6pm, I headed down to Shepherd's Crag for a quick climb and it seemed like many others had similar ideas. We only got two routes in, Cream (HVS, 5a) and MGC (E2-, 5c), but it was still a beautiful way to spend such a peaceful evening.

Placing gear on Cream (HVS, 5a).

Looking up Borrowdale whilst belaying on Cream (HVS, 5a).

Even though we only climbed two routes we still finished late in the evening and so, instead of driving back north to Carlisle, I spent the night in the van, which meant I could get up early and get a quick session in at the Bowderstone before starting work at 10:30am.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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