24 May 2007

The journey

I posted early yesterday morning about how Roger had left home at 7:40am heading for Nelson with my dad on his way to work. This was all so that I was able to use him later in the day on the evening release at the Washburn. Well here is the follow up to that post and how I managed to meet up with Roger nine hours and twenty minutes later.

I set off from my house at 3pm heading for Preston Train Station and the 15:31 to Colne.

I purchased my ticket and then sat on the platform until the Northern Rail train pulled in so I could hop aboard and take my seat for the hour long journey.

We went through many delightful towns including Blackburn and Burnley.

I eventually reached my final destination, Brierfield, two stops from Colne, just before half four. Here I got off and started walking.

I walked down Colne Road heading for the M61 motorway junction and Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.

Eventually at five o'clock I was reunited with Roger, I jumped in the car once my dad had clocked off work and headed for the Washburn.

Check back tomorrow for a post all about the evening's paddling delights.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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