05 May 2007

Another Beginners Course... Another trip down the Lancaster Canal

The canoe club I am a member of is, once again, running a Beginners Course with a 1 Star Assessment at the end of it, and like usual I am helping out, but not organising anything this time; that's my dad's job. Anyway, today was the first trip out, away from the comfort of the pool, but still in rather hospitable conditions. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was roasting hot and it was just wonderful to be out in Roger whilst keeping a beady eye on the beginners as they took their first tentative paddle strokes in the murky waters of the Lancaster Canal. We had one swim, which could be put down to some over-zealous tagging in Freeze Tag (Canoe and Kayak Games by Dave Ruse and Loel Collins, Game 94, Page 56).

There was a fair number of other water users pottering around the canal, and with the warm weather everyone got along just fine, ensuring that their activities did not spoil the day for others.

There was also quite a lot of wildlife pottering around the fringes of the canal.

There was also a treasure hunt going on along the canal. I'm not sure what this involved, but the lovely people at the stern of this boat told us as we were waiting to get off the water.

Isn't life good?

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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