05 May 2007

They came, and they went

Yesterday, my Teva Sunkosi Water Shoes turned up. I tried them on and they only just fitted. My toes weren't scrunched up or anything, but they were touching the front of the Teva's when they were laying nice and flat. It was back on to Wiggle to fill out their returns stuff and then up to the Post Office to get them sent off to be exchanged for a Size 8. With any luck these should fit.

What an interesting post this has been!!! I'll try and liven it up with a bit of news from the Freestyle World Championships. At the moment the big news is that Eric 'EJ' Jackson took his fourth title at the grand old age of 42 after what sounds like some poor performances in the Prelims and Quarters. He obviously is the man.

On the women's circuit the UK took home a medal, a bronze medal to be exact and that went to Fiona 'Flea' Jarvie. I paddled with her a couple of times at the Youth Freestyle Series last year. The gold in the women's went to Canada, and another Jackson Kayak paddler, Ruth Gordon. I haven't paddled with her before.

On the junior sides of things it doesn't sound like we won any medals. Well the results say:
1. Evan Garcia (USA)
2. Thomas Fahrun (CANADA)
3. Dane Jackson (USA)
1. Emily Jackson (USA)
2. Martina Wegman (Netherlands)
3. Nouria Newman (France)
So that is pretty conclusive evidence we didn't win anything there. We, I am hoping, were close to the medals as we had one male and one female GB athlete go through from the prelims, but not all the results are up for me to have a gander over so I can't tell you how close we were. As an extra note two of my paddling chums were out in Canada competing. One was in the Junior Women's and the other was in the Junior Guys, both of them are pictured below.

Joanne Hacking competing on Bus Eater.

Dom Brayfield on the mighty NRA Wave at the Tryweryn back in January.

Having paddled with both these paddlers I have got to know how much effort has had to be put into the training and preparation for such a prestigious event like the World Championships. I suppose I can now appreciate the sacrifices a professional athlete has to take in order to succeed at the top. Hats off to the two of them for what they have achieved as I know I wouldn't like to go on Bus Eater anytime soon and well done for your seventh place Joanne and sixteenth place Dom.

GB Medal Tally: 3 Bronze, 1 Silver and 1 Gold. Four of these medals were won earlier in the week in the Squirt competition where Team GB took four of the six medals.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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