19 May 2007

Once again... it's finally over

Today was the day that the 1 Star Course I have been working on came to an end after three pool sessions and two outdoor sessions. This course seems to have been exceptionally hard to run and work on: what with coaches dropping out at the last minute meaning that there are only two, instead of the normal four instructors to run the two final pool sessions; having trouble getting boats to fit students; and today seemed the hardest day out of the lot to successfully pull off as we had to transport eleven boats to Garstang on only three cars.

Garstang was the venue we had picked for the assessments and it has been used for such purposes in the past, so we thought it would be perfect for the finale of this course. However, over the week leading up to the assessment there was a lot more precipitation compared to last time meaning the river was a bit higher and had slightly stouter flows making it difficult at times for the beginners to show us their strokes whilst we watched on.

Once I had got changed I quickly ran upstream from where we were running the assessments to have a bit of fun on the wear. It was a nice boof to get down, but the play potential was rather lacking. I headed off downstream fairly sharpish to take my group of three through the 1 Star syllabus.

Two of my students sat on the water as we came to the end of the assessment. We were waiting for one student (out of shot) to show the necessary skills to pass the disembarking stage of the syllabus. They managed it just fine and after a few other bits the three passed.

Some more of the students running through their assessment's with the club chairman (blue Kendo, white helmet on the far right of the shot).

Well, I think I'll just click 'Publish Post' and head over to the settee to watch the Radio 1 Big Weekend, which is happening about two miles from my house, but unfortunately I do not have tickets so I cannot be there. I applied and thought I was in a good chance with getting them seen as I had a PR1 postcode, but it just wasn't to be :-(

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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