29 March 2009

Best foot forward

I never did manage to get out in a boat this weekend, but I have just got back from a lovely walk in the fells that lie in between Thirlmere and Derwent Water. The weather was absolutely splendid and made the early start seem less of a chore.

Looking down Thirlmere from it's western shore.

We started off on the western shore of Thirlmere and made our way along the permitted footpath, along the majority of the lake, until Launchy Gill entered on the right. We followed the trail up the side of this Lakeland gill before crossing the watercourse by the interesting wooden structure provided by United Utilities.

Launchy Gill dropping over a large waterfall as it makes it's way into Thirlmere in the background.

The path started to fizzle out, but we carried on upstream, using the gill as our handrail until we appeared out in the open fells. We made another crossing of the gill and continued tracing it's course until a wall was met. A bearing was taken here and off we headed away from any real landmarks in the hope of reaching the 479m high summit of Armboth Fell. With this accomplished we did much the same to reach the summit of High Tove and then High Seat, before finally picked our way along to Bleaberry Fell.

Looking across to the northern tip of the Helvellyn massif from Threefooted Brandreth.

From the 590m high summit of Bleaberry Fell a bearing was taken once again so we could track off across country to pick up a watercourse, which steeply dropped into Shoulthwaite Gill at the bottom of the valley.

Looking up Shoulthwaite Gill.

Once at river level we followed the water on its downstream progression to a footbridge, before tracking back upstream along the other bank to a point where we could make an assault on Castle Crag Fort. A quick rest was had here before the summit of Raven Crag was taken in.

Looking down Thirlmere from the top of Raven Crag.

A descent was made from here back down to Thirlmere and then home for tea and medals.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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