27 March 2009

Climbing and Paddling

Lectures have now finished for Easter so I've got plenty of free time, as long as I'm not working. The past two day's I have been doing exactly that; working over at Whinlatter Forest Park making sure people were safe whilst having fun on their very own little high wire forest adventure.

The main Sourmilk boulder.

Thursday evening saw me trying to minimise my fuel consumption by staying over in the Lakes and to while away the night I tried to get some climbing in at the Sourmilk boulders in the Borrowdale Valley. The only flaw to this plan was the weather. After slipping off the rock more times than you could count, I gave up and drove back to Carlisle instead of sleeping the night in the van.

Landing flat at the bottom of the first major set of drops on the Meig.

Sat in one of the amazing caverns on the Meig.

On the way home tonight, after the first day of paying customers at work, I collected some photos of the jaunt up to Scotland last weekend and one or two of them have made there way into this post. As for the coming two days; who knows. I might try and get out in a boat and make use of the precipitation that ruined my climbing plans, or Sunday looks quite good for a ramble in the fells.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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