06 March 2009

Half a blade

The boats lined up on the northern shore of Ullswater.

It's been a while since I posted something on a Friday after a day working on my Practical Outdoor Activities module. The main reason for this is that, with one thing and another, I've missed the odd day of activities, but also the module is coming to an end. Today, was the last day of activities for this module and we couldn't have asked for much better really. The activity in question was canoeing and the venue was the River Eamont, which flows out of Ullswater, through Pooley Bridge and finally ends when it joins the River Eden somewhere around Penrith.

Warming up on the lake.

I've never really done much canoeing before, sure I've dabbled in kayaking now and again, but as for canoeing I've never seen the attraction and to be honest I still don't. It just seems really pain full and goes against a lot of the stuff we try and stay away from when kayaking. There seems to be a lot of ropes dangling around in the boats and loads of bits to get yourself stuck on if you were upside down in the drink. I'm sure it's all fine and dandy, but it just seemed a little sketchy to me.

Ferry gliding below Pooley Bridge's bridge.

I did however enjoy myself, mainly because the weather was so nice, and I got to experience the delights of the mighty River Eamont. A grade two, at most, bumble starting off with some extraordinary views into the heart of the Lake District, but ending in the hubbub of urbanisation.

Paddling downstream.

Descending the weir just before the M6 crosses the river.

I'm not really sure what the weekend entails. Saturday might be spent in doors wading through three different assignments I've got on the go and then on Sunday I'll try and get out. That could be on a trip to the River Kent and hopefully the Leven as well, but also could be a jaunt in the hills, or even a climb on some rock. O, the decisions.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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