10 September 2009

Delightful Dolerite

Looking across to Peel Crag from Steel Rigg, with Crag Lough in the background.

Like I said yesterday, I was heading out today with a rope for a spot of climbing and boy, what a day it was. The weather was similar to yesterday; blue skies, a few wisps of cirrus in the high strata and a beating sun on the back of the neck.

Heather sprouting around one of the Dolerite blocks on Route One (VD).

The crag, which had our attention today was Peel Crag over in Northumberland. I've visited this crag once before and the plan was to take in Peel Crag, and also have a fleeting visit to Crag Lough, which is a few more minutes along Hadrian's Wall from the car park.

The crux of Easy Crack (VD).

The day was fairly laid back because of the beautiful weather, which meant we only got four routes in, all on Peel Crag, but it was nice to be clambering around on the Dolerite in the sun. Tomorrow I hope to tick off some more stuff during an afternoon bouldering session; venue undecided, but the weather looks just as good as today.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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