16 September 2009

September Fun... Continues

Panoramic shot looking across to Great Gable, Green Gable, Base Brown and the fells around Seatoller.

After yesterday's extremely long bouldering session I surprised even myself today. I managed to get up relatively early, get my things together, and head off for a ramble down in Borrowdale. The walk started off from the small hamlet of Seathwaite, tucked away in the remotest corner of the valley, and quickly made an ascent up the fell side besides Hind Crag.

Capell Crag on Thornythwaite Fell with Derwent Water and Skiddaw in the background.

Not only were you greeted with amazing views on the main ascent of the day, but you were also treated to the sounds of the shepherds, high up on the fell sides, herding the Herdwicks down into the valley. It was a spectacle to behold; you could see the sheepdogs running back and forth driving small flocks towards the ravines, which scar the fell side and act as a natural barrier, before driving the entire herd downhill under the command of the shepherd's shouts and whistles. It was the Lake District at it's best.

Looking across to Great Gable with Sprinkling Tarn in the foreground.

Glaramara was the first summit of the day and it was also the penultimate; we tracked south along the broad ridge, which divides the watersheds of Grains Ghyll and Langstrath Beck, taking in Allen Crags before a descent was even thought about.

On the descent down Grains Ghyll, with Derwent Water, Skiddaw and Blencathra beyond.

Our final descent route started from Esk Hause, traversed a section of Great End's flank, before dropping down the side of Grains Ghyll. It was lovely walking along side the ghyll as occasional stops could be made to peer into the gorge at the crystal clear, blue pools below. However, Stockley Bridge was soon crossed and the final trek along the valley bottom was quickly seen to.

Grazing cattle at Seathwaite.

Climbing tomorrow. At the moment the plan is to head back to where we've been today and take in Raven Crag, which looks down on Combe Ghyll, which flows off the eastern side of Glaramara.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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