09 September 2009

Two Wet Boots

Walking up the side of Deepdale Beck towards Greenhow End.

My full-time contract has eventually come to an end, which now means I've only got two weekends of work each month. This has its blessings, but also its downsides. The main blessing being, at the moment, the amount of free time I've got before starting back at university at the end of September. Yesterday I got some bouldering in at the Sands Centre, tomorrow should see me climbing over in Northumberland and today I got a walk in.

Scrambling up Greenhow End.

It was unlike any walk I have done of late. We started at the bottom of Brothers Water before traversing around the spur of Hartsop above How so that we could walk up the side of Deepdale Beck until we were nearly at the head of the valley. From here we scrambled up Link Gill trying our best to stay as dry as possible. Once the gill had been exhausted we scrambled up the rock of Greenhow End so that we could skirt around the ridge to Hart Crag and on along to Dove Crag.

Looking across to the Helvellyn Range.

From Dove Crag we made a descent to the Priest's Hole before scrambling back onto the top so that we could pick up the cascading water's of Hogger Gill to make a descent back down to Brothers Water.

Descending Hogger Gill.

Hogger Gill was an interesting proposition as it dropped a great amount of height in a very short distance, which meant we were faced with many small, and some not so small, rocky drops, which we were able to scramble down or around.

Looking back to Dove Crag and High Hartsop Dodd.

Eventually we were free of the Gill and could make our way easily along the path back to Brothers Water with water sloshing around in our boots as we walked.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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