17 April 2010

Familiar Places

Making the initial moves on the V6 Traverse (V6) on the Top Boulder.

I've been back in the Langdale Valley today, sampling the delights of the Langdale Boulders once again, and if I thought my previous visit was productive, this one was even more so; I ticked off thirteen problems and nearly half of these were in the V3-V6 bracket. This isn't a regular occurrence and it just proves that the winter's dedicated training has paid off; I am now bouldering much harder than I have previously done and more importantly it's on a regular basis as well.

Pressing it out whilst trying to find the sweet spot on the pocket of the aptly named Pocket Problem (V5).

Bearing down on the sloping edge of the pocket on the Pocket Problem (V5).

I can't really think of much else to say so I won't waffle on anymore than I need to. I suppose today should have been a day spent tied in on the sharp end, but I found it difficult to find anyone willing to belay me; I found plenty of people willing to go bouldering though. I'm now off in search of a belayer for tomorrow so I can don my rack and head up some traditional climbs.

At full extension whilst trying to reach the poor hold on Problem 7 (V6).

More pictures of the day and a couple from the session at Reecastle can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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