30 April 2010

Making the most of a Damp Afternoon

Making the first move on The Crack Super Direct (V6).

Since my last post, little has happened, apart from the weather thwarting my plans to get out on the rock. This forced me to head back indoors for an afternoon and crank out some circuits all in the name of training and also hang off the fingerboard for an hour or so. However, I'd had enough of being indoors today, so I made the familiar drive south, to the Borrowdale Valley, and the awaiting Bowderstone.

Making the initial moves of On the Rebound (V7).

This little block stays dry in all but the heaviest of rain, which is good as it was drizzling this afternoon. This is because the overhanging, forty-five degree face acts as a natural umbrella, but this also means the bouldering is really hard. However, after a winter of training I reckoned I'd be able to pull off the floor and work some moves on a handful of the problems.

Latching the jug on Picnic Sarcastic (V7).

It turned out I was right. I dispatched the classic, The Crack (V4), which I have worked on two previous occasions, and then after watching some other climbers, I made the moves on both the direct (V5) and super direct (V6) link ups with The Crack.

The Crack Direct (V5) and Picnic Sarcastic (V7)

After this, my arms were feeling a bit weak, but I had enough juice to work all, but the last move of Picnic Sarcastic (V7) and work out the majority of the moves of On the Rebound (V7) before heading for home.

I'm back in work for the next two days, and I am sure I'll get a cheeky climbing session in after work at some point during the weekend.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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