20 April 2010

A typical Robinson plan

I had a plan yesterday that could have been classed as masterful if it actually went to plan. The plan was to head over the Honister Pass, take in Moss Crag, which I visited earlier in the year, in the afternoon and then the roadside boulders in the evening, before curling up in the back of the van and then getting up super early for a session at Dalt Quarry, Borrowdale's premier sport climbing venue.

Considering the options.

The conditions could have been described as perfect, however there was a howling wind whipping through Honister Pass, which chilled us to the bone as soon as we stopped to catch our breath after making the steep climb up to Moss Crag. We mulled over our options. I looked at the lines printed in the guidebook, and was psyched to get on the sharp end and tick off the 3 Star Flake Out (E1+, 5c) and maybe even Arrest Arete (E2, 5b), which we had shunted on our visit back in January.

Working Arrest Arete (E2, 5b) back in January.

We decided that enough was enough and that attempting to climb in such conditions would have been unbearable. New plans were made and we skipped off down the hillside, back to the comfort of the van, and back up the pass towards the boulders so that a start on the bouldering session could begin earlier than planned.

The impressive South Boulder of Honister Pass.

About to top out on South Boulder Flake (V1, 5c).

Making the first moves of Problem 10 (V2, 6a) on the North Boulder.

Trying to make progress on Problem 12 (V5) on the North Boulder.

I ticked off the majority of the problems on the two boulders, which lie besides the road, and worked out the moves for the remaining few problems. I'll have to return with fresh muscles to get them sent as they were a little bit pumpy. Once the session was over, because of the demoralising start, motivation for sleeping in the van was lacking so instead we headed back for Carlisle, with the knowledge that early tomorrow morning we'll be making the familiar drive back south into the Borrowdale Valley for some trad action.

More pictures can be found here.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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