21 October 2006

Birthday Shenanigans

I've just got back from Garstang Wear where I had roughly two hours on the water. I've never been to Garstang Wear before so that was a bit of an experience. However, I don't think it was anything to write home about.

We got on the water soon after getting changed and the get in was a bit different. It wasn't just a normal slide off a shingle beach into the water, or a small drop into the water. Oh no. It was a full on four-to-five foot seal launch into really deep water. Once on the water we messed around on the flats where I got a couple of ends before heading down to the first of two wears. The first wear was quite shallow on the peripherey but in the middle where the current was the strongest it was deep and airated. Just perfect for cartwheels, though I only got a couple of ends and some really nice stern squirts.

When I got bored I headed back up the other side of the river where the drop from the bank to the river was higher than on the other side, where we initially got on. I got in my boat, blew my Happy-Thruster up to its full and threw myself down into the river to try and get a loop straight after the seal launch. I failed so I tried it again before heading on down to the second wear where it was really shallow. This meant we didn't hang around here for long so we carried on down the Wyre to the get out and walked back across the football pitch to the cars.

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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