12 October 2006

Bits and Bobs

It's been done; my UCAS application has been paid for and sent off to my referee. I suppose this has come about because I've just got back from the University of Derby's Buxton campus, and this was the last University I was going to go and look around. There seems little point in delaying the paper work, so it's gone. As for the picture of the cow: there is no real relevence. The last couple of posts have been a bit dull so I thought I would brighten them up with a bit of farm yard humor. If your wondering why the cow is stood on a piece of waxed pine it's because it's a foam cow. I got it from the University Open Day today.

The University Open Day was rubbish by the way. I will not be going to the University of Derby - I'll be doing Outdoor Leadership at Newton Rigg and when I go it'll be one of the campuses of The University of Cumbria. That sounds posh. The best bit of the Open Day was the train ride which involved a two hour 'sitathon' from Preston to Buxton, where the Outdoor Activities Management Course is based at. From the train ride I have gathered two things: 1. I will never, ever have an office job where it involves a daily commute on a train. It's a breach of human rights, your treated like a sardine! 2. The sidings of trainlines, even when going through countryside, absolutely wreck the landscape. Something needs to be done. We should take pride in our environment and be making positive efforts to preserve it, not destroying it with needles wrecks of rusting crap that once formed the backbone of the British public transport system.

Now that the UCAS application is out of the way I can focus my attentions on getting my year out sorted. I've nearly finished applications for PGL and Acorn Adventure. I'm just waiting for my Level 2 Assessment so I can put on the forms, hopefully, that I'm a fully qualified coach, which should put me a cut above anyone else who is not already coach. I've also sent off for a programme from BUNAC's Work Canada scheme to see if it's worth looking at that as a possible gap year if PGL or Acorn fall through.

Planned return to the wet stuff: I honestly don't know, I wish I did mind. I didn't go out last Sunday, that's the reason for not having any paddling related posts put on the site that day, and I'm going absolutely crazy because of it.

PS. Nine days till my eighteenth birthday. Yay!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...

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