28 October 2006

I passed

I've just got back from the Burrs Activity Centre where my Level 2 Assessment was today and I passed, which was nice.

The day kicked off at 10am in the car park at the centre where all the administration was done along with the written examination. We then moved onto the water with our four guinnee pigs. There were four trainee coaches going for assessment and I was the first to take the practical sessions so I had to do the warm up, which is always my favourite bit, and then get them on the canal to start the day off. I covered forwards and backwards paddling using normal coaching methods and then moved on to a few games to enhance these skills before introducing sweep strokes, where the next trainee took over. The next hour-and-a-half involved me stood on the canal bank chatting with two of the trainee's whilst the other one did their session. Not bad for an assessment really.

Before breaking for lunch we had to simulate a repair on our boats. This was left on during lunch and then after lunch as well, to see how good it was - mine was ripped off by a scrapey seal launch later on in the day. The assessment now took us above the weir on the Irwell to practice some three star strokes and concepts as well as some rescues. The day was rounded off with a run down the river, which I won't go into in any great detail as I don't rate the Irwell at the Burrs Activity Centre as anything above grade two sewage.

The last part of the day took us into the cafe for a debrief and a steaming mug of hot chocolate, with sprinkles and cream. Luxury!!!

Good lines, stay safe and see you on the wet stuff...
Level 2 Inland Kayak Coach

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